Do you have a story to share about care and the body? Would you like to respond to a story you heard and resonated with?

How has providing care or receiving care affected the relationship you have with your body?

How has listening provided you with agency to support your identity and sense of self?

Can you share an experience of a time when you received care or have given care?

Stories can be sent as voice memos or google drive files to  Stories can additionally be accepted via voicemail.  If this is your preferred method, reach out to me in the contact box below and I'll respond with the phone number to call. 


Audio files should be kept between 3 to 5 minutes in length and should remain anonymous (refrain from stating your name) for the privacy of the storytellers.  If you'd like to submit a story, but do not feel comfortable using your own voice, written submissions will also be accepted and a voice actor will read the story in your place.  


Please note that submissions may be featured publicly and published to this website.  


Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns! 

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