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Curious about art organizations that provide care services through creative problem solving? Check out these audio interviews and then browse through the links to learn more. 

Puentes de Salud is a non profit that advocates for the health and wellness of Philadelphia’s rapidly growing Latinx immigrant population through health care, innovative educational programs, and community building.  Founded upon principles of health and social justice, Puentes believes that community health, wellness, and empowerment result from a collaborative, multidisciplinary effort to address the conditions in which we grow, learn, live, work, and age (


Puentes offers a variety of services operating within three categories; the medical clinic, wellness, and education.  Their clinical services include adult primary care and women’s health, while they additionally offer monthly specialty care  in the following areas; cardiology, dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, physical therapy and podiatry.  Their wellness initiative is embodied within their behavioral health services and Promotora program, which addresses a wide range of issues in the service of their community, including diabetes prevention, cervical cancer prevention, prenatal care, obesity, and nutrition. 


Additionally, Puente’s educational branch for both children and adults explores health literacy, along with the social and environmental conditions that affect health and wellbeing. I spoke with the director of arts and culture, Nora Litz to further contextualize how Puentes de Salud merges the arts, education, and health to promote community wellness and care.  Listen to the interview here.  

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* I apologize for the distorted audio.  We had to conduct the interview via What's App and my microphone picked up some of the background noise.  I am currently in the process of creating a transcript and will upload soon!  

An additional Philadelphia-based example of an organization determined to promote wellbeing and care through creative problem solving is the Creative Resilience Collective (CRC).  CRC is a multidisciplinary collective working at the intersection of art, design, health care, legal aid, research, and technology.  


Informed by central concerns surrounding access to mental health care and support, CRC is comprised of six core initiatives all working to create equitable futures and positive change in care systems.  These core initiatives encompass educational workshops, study groups, critical writing, public art, and resource sharing and community building.  For example, one of their programs titled the Creative Resilient Youth (CRY), is a teen led initiative that works to respond to gaps within intergenerational dialogue and the lack of mental health resources in schools.  


Creative Resilience Collective additionally initiates another program, The War on People, which works to foster dialogue regarding harm reduction and criminal justice to facilitate the development of strategies for resistance, resilience and cultural change.  Like Puentes, Creative Resilience embodies collective care through holistic approaches to strive for accessibility, equity, and justice.  I had the pleasure of speaking with the organization's founder Andrea Ngan, who brought CRC to Philadelphia from its origin site in California on the subject of CRC’s interdisciplinary efforts, access, and how the collective facilitates care through creativity. Listen to the interview here. 

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Further Resources

Thank you to all participants who have contributed to this project so far, to those who I've had the pleasure of having meaningful conversations with during the development of this project, and lastly to my thesis advisor, Li Sumpter and the Liberal Arts department at Moore College of Art and Design for continuously supporting my work.  Your encouragement is greatly appreciated!